YOU: Your Child’s First Teacher (English)

This unprecedented parent engagement program answers the fundamental question: How can I help my child succeed in school? Through simple, easy to understand tasks, YOU: Your Child’s First Teacher guides parents step-by-step through each stage of their child’s life, from birth through high school. Parents interact with the content as they think through ways to apply it to their own lives. This program puts parenting success within reach for every parent.

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YOU: El primer maestro de tu hijo (Spanish)

Originally developed in Spanish as Tú: El primer maestro de tu hijo, this version of the program highlights key points relevant to its audience, including the advantages of promoting bilingualism by encouraging continual Spanish language and literacy at home. This version also points out relevant federal laws that guarantee rights for parents who don’t speak English and that guarantee education for undocumented children, along with containing all of the incredible content that makes YOU: Your Child’s First Teacher a must-have tool for effective parent engagement in education.

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