What We Believe

As a division of SPC Educational Solutions, Herminia Publishing believes that, with the right tools, everybody can achieve their goals. We believe that the world’s beauty springs from its diversity, and that by representing that diversity, we can better reflect that beauty. We believe that the world could be better, and should be better, and that it is up to each to us to always be working for ways to make it a better place for all of us. Herminia Publishing is one of the ways we are working towards that better world.

Our Founder, Sunny P. Chico

Around 2008, Sunny decided to that she wanted to empower parents to help their children succeed in school and in life. That idea grew into the three book series, YOU: Your Child’s First Teacher. Sunny’s idea continued to grow and evolve as she continued to see the way parents struggle. It became her mission to launch a movement to change the culture of parenting, and to help parents to break free from behaviors that have been passed down generation by generation, especially in her community. In 2012, her paths crossed with Ana Vela, an educational publisher and educational technology expert who saw the promise of Sunny’s vision, and felt her message resonate in her own life.


Our Director, Ana Vela

When Ana met Sunny, she not only saw a tremendously talented and generous woman, but she also saw a role model. Someone that she admired greatly right from the start and someone who she believed she could learn a great deal from. Growing up in the small, border town of Laredo, Texas, Ana’s parents pushed her to get a good education and to succeed despite their own lack of formal education. In Sunny’s books, and in her passion to launch a movement, Ana recognized the power parents have in their child’s life immediately. She was a living example of Sunny’s message. Education and income challenges don’t mean nearly as much to a child’s chances for success as parents who support their child’s education. In fact, Ana saw Sunny’s message as universal, instead of specific to the Hispanic community, and applicable to more areas of life than just education. She saw the chance to do real good in the world, and to spread tools and strategies that promote real empowerment and real advancement in communities across the country and around the world. Ana saw the promise in Sunny’s vision, and by helping to launch Herminia Publishing, she is working to make good on that promise.


Our Associate Publisher, Amanda Gebhardt

In 2006, Amanda began working with Ana at a small, mission-driven educational publishing company that was determined to create quality curriculum for English Language Learners and struggling readers. Through mergers and acquisitions, Amanda saw how an individual sense of mission can be lost somewhere inside complex corporate structure. As a new mom, she spent her work days wondering if the curriculum she was helping to build was really making the kind of difference to struggling students that they needed to succeed. She thought about lessons and standards and content, but, mostly, she thought about her daughter. When Ana showed her Sunny’s books and talked to her about Sunny’s vision, something clicked for Amanda. Parents were the key, and Sunny had a program to show them how to unlock their child’s potential. Amanda, like Ana, saw what Sunny’s vision had to offer, and through her years of publishing experience, and as a reader, a writer, and an editor, she recognized the need for a publishing company dedicated to advancing and enriching lives and promoting the intrinsic value of diversity, making life a little easier and lot more interesting along the way.