SPC Consulting

Sunny P. Chico founded SPC Consulting to help create an ideal learning environment for all students. From her experience as a special education teacher, a principal, and a government appointee, Sunny knows that education is a personal journey that is as unique as the student who travels it. Creating an ideal learning environment, then, must take a holistic approach to education, and that is what Sunny strives to do through SPC Consulting. SPC helps develop schools from the ground up and improve them from the inside out when necessary. They recruit the highest quality teachers and administrators. They provide health education services to help keep students healthy and informed, while helping minorities pursue education for health professions. They support student growth and development with supplemental education services such as tutoring programs and professional development workshops. SPC Consulting work with organizations involved in every level of education and education services to help each student get what he or she needs to succeed.
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Penedo Charitable Organization

Sunny and her sister Nely founded Penedo Charitable Organization in remembrance of their niece, Fannie. Penedo offers young girls an opportunity to realize their full potential—something Fannie was unable to do. The organization identifies at-risk middle school girls and guides them through an 11-year mentoring sequence, providing them with sustained tutoring, resources and financial support to a college, university or vocational education program. Penedo is currently empowering twenty-eight girls to become women of knowledge, faith and service.
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