Our mission is to advance and enrich the lives of individuals in underrepresented communities. We believe in the power of education and in the resilient strength of the family, and our products seek to promote the intrinsic advantage of diversity and individual contribution to society. We are each living our lives in an increasingly global world, and here at Herminia Publishing we believe that each of us has a part to play to make that world the best and most beautiful it can be. We believe that by joining our voice to yours, we can empower people around the world. Together, we can change lives.

Our History

When our founder, Sunny P. Chico, lost her father, she began to think a lot about family, and what we’re willing to sacrifice to make a better world for our children. It was then that she started writing a book to try to understand her father more, to give context to what she was feeling. Eventually, she put it aside until years later when she found out she was going to be a grandmother. She wanted a way to capture what she had learned over the years about parenting and about education, and about the way those two areas occupy the same space. She wanted to do this for her daughter, Michelle, and for other young parents like her daughter.

The result was the three-book series YOU: Your Child’s First Teacher, an unprecedented collection of strategies and best practices that combines parenting and parents’ role in education in a single place. In all her years as a teacher, a principal, and a government appointee, Sunny never met a parent that didn’t want the best for their child. She did, however, meet parents that didn’t know how to do it. With YOU: Your Child’s First Teacher, she was able to share the benefits of her experiences with those parents to give them the tools to provide the best possible start for their children.

Instead of selling this series to a large publisher, Sunny established Herminia Publishing, named after her grandmother, as a division of SPC Educational Solutions, the company she founded to help create the best learning environment possible for all students. She has a vision and a mission, and through Herminia Publishing, we are helping her advance and enrich the lives of people who need it the most.